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Preparing to take a nursing exam can be stressful. Many students struggle with passing their test on their own. Instead of risking your grades by trying it alone, consider hiring a nurse from Tutors Sky as they offer this service at an affordable cost.

For students applying to nursing schools, taking the NLN PAX Exam is required as part of the application process. This test covers reading, math and science knowledge as well as your verbal abilities and understanding of standard language usage.

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Taken a nursing exam is no simple feat and many students struggle with passing them. But it is possible with proper study materials and approach, plus setting an effective study schedule – devoting ample time and avoiding distractions to achieve success in nursing exams is key!

Additionally, nursing requires high levels of dedication and commitment from you to be successful. Therefore, taking your exams seriously will enable you to learn better while attaining higher grades on exams.

An examination service designed specifically for nursing exams can assist students in their exam preparation by offering tips and saving them money on tuition fees and expenses associated with attending their exams. Available to both undergraduate and graduate students alike, such services could even serve as a great gateway into pursuing nursing as a profession.


The TEAS test is a standardized exam used by nursing programs to assess applicants. It covers four content areas – reading, math, science and English and language usage. The 209 minute examination spans high school level material. Many online resources exist that can assist students in their preparation.

ATI offers comprehensive study packages that include study manuals, practice assessments and tutorials. Their website offers these resources at various prices; those on a tight budget may find free TEAS prep resources at sites dedicated to nursing programs or licensing exams.

Students should register for their TEAS test at least six weeks in advance of their scheduled test date and bring a government-issued photo ID with them to take it. If unable to make their scheduled session, contact your program for alternate testing locations; alternatively it is advised that students arrive at the testing center 15 minutes early so as not to delay starting time.

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The NLN PAX Test is a pre-admissions exam created to assist nursing schools evaluate candidates applying to their programs. Comprised of 180 questions that last about two hours to answer, this fast-paced examination covers an array of skills and knowledge. To be prepared for it effectively, use practice questions extensively as you study extensively for this test.

The verbal section of the NLN-PAX exam contains 60 questions covering vocabulary and reading comprehension, drawn from passages that cover scientific or general topics not necessarily related to nursing. Meanwhile, its science section features questions covering biology, chemistry and physics.

Registration for the National League for Nursing PAX exam varies by school; make sure that you investigate how and when to register well ahead. Likewise, its cost varies based on where it will take place – check with your nursing program to understand their fee before signing up!

CNA Certification Exams

The CNA exam consists of two parts, including both written and clinical skills assessments. The written exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions that must be completed within 90 minutes; its clinical skills component will be administered by a registered nurse over 30-45 minutes to perform five nursing assistant tasks under his or her direction; you will be graded on your ability to put patients at ease and follow procedures accurately.

To improve your chances of passing the CNA exam, create and adhere to a study plan. Take practice tests as an additional way of familiarizing yourself with its format; these practice exams will help build confidence while giving an idea of the test material.

Make sure that you bring all the documents needed for taking an examination, including valid forms of ID like driver’s licenses or passports as well as proof of employment such as pay stubs or W2s. Also ensure you get enough restful sleep prior to sitting the exam.

Hire Someone To Do Nursing Exam

Many nursing colleges require applicants to take the National League of Nursing PAX Exam as part of their admissions requirements. This exam measures academic ability and verbal communication abilities over 91 questions over two hours.

Simplify your nurse hiring process and find candidates with the necessary skillset. Utilize pre-employment tests to quickly narrow down candidates who possess passion, compassion, and technical capabilities essential for healthcare success.

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No matter if you want to become a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse, to obtain certification through the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). This test is intended to demonstrate your comprehension of nursing practice and critical thinking through its computerized adaptive testing format that responds to answers given and difficulty levels of questions presented; additionally it measures your ability to prioritize and delegate nursing responsibilities that serve the best interest of patients while studying through online courses or review books from an institution providing these services.


The TEAS exam is an integral component of applying to nursing programs. Students can take the test either at school or via proctoring services such as ATI, with each school setting their own minimum scores for taking it in-person or remotely. To maximize chances of passing, students should study test material thoroughly and take practice tests prior to taking their actual examination; as well as following general test-taking advice like getting enough sleep and eating healthy food beforehand.

The TEAS exam is a standardized examination designed to test students’ academic abilities before nursing school admissions. It covers four topics, namely reading, mathematics, science and English/language usage usage and consists of 170 questions including 150 scored questions and 20 unscored pretest questions.


The National League for Nursing’s PAX Exam (pre-admissions test for student nurses) is an entrance exam administered at schools of nursing nationwide to all prospective student nurses applying to become student nurses. It consists of verbal reasoning, mathematics and science tests along with knowledge of basic medical concepts to test students for admissions purposes.

The exam contains 160 questions divided among three sections – verbal ability, mathematics and science – each given 40 minutes to be answered. Verbal passages contain questions to test comprehension – once passed onto another passage there will no longer be the chance to correct an earlier response.

To excel on any timed exam, it’s essential that you practice managing your time effectively. Use practice test sets as simulations of test conditions for best results. Furthermore, make sure that you get enough sleep and stay hydrated on test day!

Kaplan Nursing Admission Test

The Kaplan Nursing Admission Test is a four-section standardized examination administered to prospective nursing school students to assess their academic skills. It tests reading passage comprehension, math skills, writing ability and scientific concepts; there are 91 questions total and the test lasts 165 minutes on average; you may take breaks within this time allotment and should bring along basic scientific calculator as well as scrap paper for use during testing.

The results of your test depend on how you performed in each section, with scores reported as total scores. These score reports can help identify areas for improvement within your application and focus your studies accordingly; for example, it might help if you study human physiology to enhance your science section performance.


Taken after graduating from an LPN or RN nursing program, taking the NCLEX examination is an integral step to becoming a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse (RN or LPN). It’s an adaptive test which adapts the number and difficulty levels based on your ability level; therefore it’s crucial that you approach this exam with caution and have confidence in yourself and your knowledge of nursing.

The new NCLEX is equipped with cutting-edge features such as highlighting, matrix/grid questions, drag and drop tests and multiple response options that enable more realistic assessments of nursing practice.

Other than adhering to the maximum length exam rule, when taking the NCLEX exam you must abide by certain other regulations. These include not bringing any personal items other than identification into the testing center; not discussing test questions with other candidates or anyone else in any capacity; and only using your computer for taking tests questions and not other purposes.

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Passing standardized exams such as nursing entrance exams requires more than simply studying alone. Setting goals and devising a plan will help increase your score significantly.

The PSB Nursing School Admission Exam consists of 360 multiple-choice questions with an additional non-nursing section to test academic aptitude. Prep materials from Mometrix and Ascencia can help candidates prepare for this examination, with both exams costing $25.

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ATS provides academic and selective admission exams for future students in a standardized testing environment, giving them access to meet national, state, and institutional requirements.

Exam accommodations will be organized by your professors/course staff (and, if participating in the ATP testing pilot, also by SDS staff/proctors). It is your responsibility to communicate with them regarding exam arrangements.

If you require accommodations to take an exam, please schedule your appointment a minimum of three business days in advance. Walk-ins may be accommodated Monday to Thursday if space permits.


The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) administers the NCLEX-RN exam, designed to test knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for entry-level registered nurses.

Exam programs adjust questions according to your answers, stopping when it is clear you won’t pass. NCLEX costs $200 to take; individual state nursing boards determine any additional fees.

Keep your cool when taking the NCLEX. Avoid discussing questions with others, and only use the erasable note board provided to you as this exam may last up to five hours.


The NCLEX-PN exam is required of all prospective practical nurses seeking their license to practice. It assesses candidates’ abilities to provide safe and effective patient care; it is administered by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing and Pearson VUE.

Exams administered through computer adaptive testing consist of 85-205 questions with one tutorial session and two optional breaks provided; six hours should be allowed for completion of this examination process, which rates your responses on an automatic scale.

The NCLEX-PN exam includes multiple choice, drag-and-drop and hot spot questions as well as alternative question types like fill in the blank, sound and chart/exhibit queries.


Many nursing schools and allied health programs require students to take the TEAS exam as part of their admissions process, so enlisting expert help with this test could make all the difference to your score and ability to attend the institution of your choice.

TEAS (Test of English as a Second Language) is a standardized exam designed to measure prospective healthcare students in terms of math, science, reading and language usage. Many nursing programs do not accept students without passing this test and numerous resources such as free and paid prep materials from ATI are available to prepare them.


As part of your application to nursing school, taking the SAT or ACT exam is vital in order to demonstrate your academic rigor. Proctored exams like Mometrix provide free practice questions and study guides for these tests; while PAX (Psychological Aptitude Checkpoint Exam) tests reading, math, social decision-making skills and learning styles – usually administered by your school of choice at $60-$100 cost.

The SAT math section features 53 questions covering topics like algebra, statistics and geometry calculations. On the other hand, the ACT essay section requires you to analyze nonfiction prose and compose an argumentative essay.

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